Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

Apr 14th, 2015 | 0 Comments

If you only have 20mins in the morning for a short work out, have you ever wondered what is the yoga sequence to start your day looking fresh and energized?
My favourite yoga sequence is Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit. This sequence is widely practice in the morning preferably to be done at the time of sunrise. It is an integration of 12 poses in flow practice. This set of sequence generates heat and it cleanses your body and mind. The flowing series of postures strengthen, relax the muscles in all part of the body, open up the chest, relaxes the respiratory muscles and improves blood circulation throughout the body.
Often, this practice brings me into a meditative state with the flow of postures and breath. This is also a good sequence for a good warm up before other yoga poses in a yoga class.
There is no fixed set of practice you need to in the morning. However, it is good to start of with 5 sets as a beginner and subsequently increase 10 sets or 15 sets when you are more comfortable with the sequence at a faster pace.

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