Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners

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Yoga is a form of exercise that incorporates three elements: physical exercise, meditation and breathing techniques. Today, the most common form of yoga in Singapore is Hatha yoga. There are numerous yoga poses for beginners who have chosen yoga as their workout regime.


Beginners may find it difficult to cope with some complex yoga poses however, there are a few common poses from Hatha yoga that a beginner can get used to and that would still provide an equal measure of the numerous benefits of practicing yoga.


Before looking at yoga classes, beginners should have a clear understanding of the basic elements of Hatha yoga, particularly with the breathing technique known as pranayama. This breathing technique is important for all the poses of Hatha yoga. The yoga poses outlined below are suitable for beginners that will increase the flexibility of the muscles continuously over a period while requiring minimum flexibility.


Mountain Pose


Mountain PoseThis is one of the most simple yoga poses for beginners. It requires the beginner to stand with their feet apart at the distance of the width of their hips. Their arms should be held at the side. The beginner should then breathe at equal intervals and the breaths should be slow and deep.


Another important aspect of this yoga pose for beginners is that the neck of the beginner should be held at a constant position aligning it with their spine. This pose gives the individual a solidified breathing routine, clarifies their mind composure and strengthens their physical posture.


Warrior Pose


This is another common yoga pose for beginners, which is effective and requires little flexibility. This pose requires the beginner to stand in a posture of 90 degrees to their right with their legs approximately three feet apart. The shoulders and arms should be kept low and extended.


The main benefit derived from this yoga pose is that the legs and ankle muscles are strengthened and flexibility is increased.


Half-Spinal Twist


This yoga pose for beginners requires a seated posture with the legs of the beginner crossed. The foot of the right leg should be crossed over the outside part of the left thigh. The right hand should be placed behind you on the floor to provide stability, while the left elbow should be stretched in a manner to be aligned with the outside part of the beginner’s right knee. The beginner should then twist their body to the right the farthest they can. The pose should then be repeated in the other direction.


This yoga pose for beginners offers a high level of stretching in areas around the neck, shoulders and the hips.


Crow Pose


Crow (Crane) Handstand PoseAnother yoga pose for beginners is the crow pose. This pose requires the beginner to be in a dog position, which is then followed by forward walking in the same position while the hands are in a constant position until the knees and arms come into contact.


In this position, the beginner should bend the elbows allowing the feet to rise from the floor. The knees should then be placed on the outside abs of the arms.


This pose mainly strengthens the abs, arms and wrists.


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