Yoga Breathing (Pranayama)

Yoga Breathing (Pranayama)

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Yoga breathing, or pranayama is the science of breath control. Prana means “life force” or “life energy” and Yama means “control” or “mastery”. Hence pranayama is often being referred to as “breathing techniques” in yoga practices.


We breathe everyday and it is a normal part of our life, although we fail to pay attention to it. This is because it is an automated function of our body and we do that every single time from the moment we are born!


Have you ever noticed that your breath becomes fast and shallow when you are angry or stress? When that happens, we are only using a fraction of your lungs as we intake lesser air and thus lesser oxygen. This may lead to complications such as sleep disorders, fatigue, mood swings and even heart disease.


There are a variety of breathing exercises or techniques that are applied during yoga practice or even in your daily lives. Some of the pranayama techniques are Vibhagiya savasana, Naddisuddi pranayama, Sitali pranayama, Sitkari pranayama, Sadanta pranayama and Bhramari pranamaya.


The techniques are being applied for varied reasons and brings many health benefits, which include the following:

  • Acquire more power and vitality
  • Thinking and clarity of thought improve
  • Increases digestive fire and appetite
  • Lowers the level of stress and anxiety
  • Induces tranquility and improves concentration
  • Helpful in respiratory disorder such as asthma, nasal allergy and bronchitis

With frequent practice of pranayama, you can bring the mind to a pleasant state by enhancing and regulating the life force in the system and eventually lead to a healthy and happier life!

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