Welcome to White Cat Yoga’s Blog!

Welcome to White Cat Yoga’s Blog!

Feb 5th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Namaste to you and welcome to our blog! Just as yoga is very useful and beneficial to your health, we will share useful and beneficial news and information about yoga in this blog.


Why Do I Practice Yoga?


There are many sports and activities that keep us healthy. But why do I choose yoga? I have tried many solo sports and activities namely; swimming, long distance running, bowling, rock climbing, canoeing, scuba diving, hiking, wakeboarding, snow boarding over these years. However, I have stick to yoga and even make it my profession now.


So what is it that makes me stick to this activity and make it so much part of my life? The answer is HAPPINESS!


Many turn to yoga because they wanted flexibility, better posture, better performance to their sports, better focus, stress relief, weight loss and the list just go on. Yes, by practicing yoga, we can develop a better self and there are several benefits that we reaped from it with a regular practice. However, what do we actually want with all those benefits?


It all boils down to Happiness! We want happiness! With a healthier body and mind, it leads to a happier life!


The first change that I have seen in myself is my posture. I used to have a very bad posture when I walk and stand. My family and friends used to hit my back and remind me to stand straight all the time! And with the bad posture, I suffer from regular back pain and that less smiles. Now, I stand a little taller and look better in my clothes at least. Some of my old friends thought that I look taller now!


Yoga is not about just the physical yoga posture that we usually practice. It is about our daily thoughts and daily activities. There are times where we do not have the time to practice our physical yoga practice and so we practice it our daily lives in the following way:


  • We treat our body better with nutritious food and adequate rest.
  • Meditate to bring our restless mind into control
  • Doing a kind act with no expectations in return.
  • Devotion in the work we do, regardless of our job or work at home or relationship with your family and friends
  • Non violence in our speech and actions
  • Non stealing
  • Non possession
  • Doing a self reflection from time to time
  • Cleanliness in our daily habits

Physical practice has got me started and it kept me going, because of the values and philosophy I learnt and experienced. It gives me joy to see people reaped the benefit of yoga practice physically and spiritually.


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