The class was great. I enjoyed it! I will try and come every week.

Janette Cox

It was a Lovely class. Thank you Linda!


I enjoyed the class a lot. It was refreshing. Thanks a lot!

Helen Coupe

Thanks again for last night’s yoga class Linda. I had an amazing sleep and have felt light all day!


Very nice class!

Fie Fie

Good session today. Thank you!

Shi Ya

Hazel caters to our learning needs and offers variation to the poses to ensure that we are able to follow through her class. This benefits us a lot and she also welcomes questions a lot. Always great stretching and a happy class with Hazel

Chong Pei Fen

Hazel tailors the sessions to my needs each time and that really helps me! Yoga with Hazel is a great compliment to all my gym and running workouts. There is also a great deal of fun and humor to top it up. I look forward to my weekly yoga with Hazel!

Sabby Romainor

Great yoga therapy with Hazel for post spine surgery. Fun, friendly classes with customized lessons each week to suit my current medical condition. We are so grateful to have met Hazel and all her support towards my recovery

Dennis John

Hazel, I have engaged 5 different yoga trials before deciding on you because you have a perfect 10 for every aspect of the work that you do – Physical, mental and interpersonally. This is what matters. Thank you.

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