Our Instructors

Hazel Kok

Hazel used to have bad posture, constant backache and anxiety issues. After discovering yoga, she learnt how to listen to her body and take care of it. With regular practice, her health condition has improved and she is now more mindful on how to treat her body with healthier diet, sufficient rest and a regular exercise regime. With the desire to deepen her knowledge, she pursued her passion by completing 200hrs Teacher’s Training Course at Tirisula Yoga in Singapore and 300hrs at Association for  Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India.


Keen to work with students from all walks of life, including students with injuries and other health challenges, she completed 500hrs Certificate in Yoga Therapy at Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore. This course equipped her with the knowledge and skills on the healing effect of Ayurveda treatment and yoga therapy. She works with patients of varied health conditions and has witnessed the vast improvement on her patients who underwent treatment with her.


Committed to help people around her, she is dedicated to share the benefits and joy of yoga to everyone who practice with her. The experience on the mat is an adventure and it is a lifelong discovery!


Style of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga Flow and Aroma Yoga, Yin Mayofascial Release


Jjoyce started developing her yoga practice over 7 years ago, trying several different styles before discovering Therapy Yoga. She felt a profound connection to the practice which opened her body, heart and mind to the many benefits the practice offers and she finds invaluable in helping to overcome the challenges of modern city living.


Originally trained as a Yoga Teacher with Master Saumik Bera the founder of Real Yoga, his teaching and encouragement served to stimulate Jjoyce’s passion for Yoga and encouraged her to continue her journey to deepen her knowledge, develop her skills and explore further the benefits of Yoga as a holistic tool to motivate and help others. She continues this journey by currently giving therapy at UNION YOGA AYURVEDA Clinic and Training Center with Dr Satyam Tripathi, a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Yoga & Rehabilitation using Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy techniques to help with various psychosomatic ailments. Like- Asthma, Sinus, Diabetes, spinal issues, Arthritis issues, Menstrual Disorder issues patients etc.


Jjoyce’s teaching style supports a subtle balance between effort and relaxation, paying specific attention to each student’s individual needs. Her caring, loving and compassionate nature, has won great trust from her patients and students alike. She teaches yoga for Promotion of Positive Health, Classic Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Therapy Yoga, students often say they leave her classes “relaxed yet invigorated” and in some cases her guidance and treatment has greatly improved their health.

Chin Chin

Chin Chin fell in love with yoga a while back, and it has become her favourite form of activity that keeping her body heathy while her mind calm. She enjoys the ‘me and myself’ time on her mat, she felt that while on the mat she has a deeper connection to her inner self.


Chin has been practicing difference styles under difference teachers over the years. In 2015, she completed her 200/300-hr teacher training with Union Yoga Ayurveda, Singapore. Chin has been attending yoga workshops and retreats both in Singapore and overseas to deepen her practice and teaching. Influenced by her own practice, Chin enjoys working on endurance and alignment in her class. Often will see her provide her students with hands-on adjustments on the mat. She brings her ‘yoga is for everybody and every BODY’ believe to her class and happy to see every little progress her student made towards their own healthy, balance mind and body yoga journey.

Linda Wong

Linda believes that both Yoga and Dance are practices that quiets the mind, body and soul, a perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are and enables you to experience inner bliss, be able to express yourself thru dance and to get people to relax and unwind in this “high wired” lifestyle. She wants to bring fun to teaching yoga and dance to both young and old. Currently, she is certified in and teaches Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Senior Yoga & WuTao Dance. Linda is able to customise routines to suit different level of students and clients and make “fun”, a key element in each and every class.


Terence’s yoga journey began in 2014 as a respite from work. Since then, he has been convinced of the therapeutic effects of yoga: a wondrous sense of healing and centeredness for the mind and body. He realises the beauty in yoga is beyond the practice of physical asanas. Commiting to a consistent practice has allowed him to look inward, to accept things as they are and to conquer anxieties, fears and the ego both on and off the mat. The yang-style of Vinyasa/Flow/Power type classes has been the biggest component in his practice and teaching.


At this juncture, Terence feels the need to synergize the Yin and Yang and therefore he has also incorporated more Yin-influenced elements and mindfulness into his personal practice lately. He aspires to guide students in their yoga journeys to move safely, mindfully, fearlessly and learn more about themselves while also taking moments to pause, reflect and find the many simple joys in their lives outside of classes.


Styles of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Basic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Natalie has been practicing yoga since 2012. Her journey began with Ashtanga yoga whilst working in the corporate world. What started as a workout turned into a lifestyle and she decided that she wanted to teach yoga as this would allow her to do something she is passionate about and also help others lead healthier lifestyle by practising yoga. It is this passion that has helped her grow so much in such a short time.


In 2012, she enrolled in the renowned Tirisula Yoga’s and graduated with a Diploma in the 200-hour teacher training course. Not satisfied, she pursued teaching yoga to children and in December 2013, she received her certification to teach yoga to kids and families, also accredited by the International Yoga Alliance. In October 2015, she completed the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Yoga Training obtaining her certification to teach Pre/Post Natal classes to moms-to-be and new moms. This was followed by a Wheel Yoga Certification in July 2018 also accredited by the International Yoga Alliance.


Natalie has been conducting private classes, small group classes and corporate classes since 2013. She has worked closely with individuals of different body types, providing her with a deeper understanding of physical limitations and individual pace. This accumulated experience also gives her insights into providing posture and alignments adjustments for her students which add value to these sessions.


Styles of yoga: Ashtanga, Hatha, Kids Yoga, Pre/Post Natal and Core Work.


A firm believer that yoga is for everyone, Carissa strives to nurture an inviting and safe environment in her classes, helping beginners feel comfortable in their practice.

Her classes also create space for both personal growth and calmness. She does so by drawing upon movement, breath, meditation and alignment for a safe, mindful and holistic practice. By encouraging students to explore self-awareness beyond poses, she hopes students will develop a mind-body connection.


Styles of Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa



Jasmine’s first yoga class happened in 2010 when she was facing immense stress and unsuccessful coping strategies in a demanding job position as a perioperative nurse. The consistent practice in yoga allowed her to cope better with fragmentary working hours and varying sleeping patterns. Yoga has made her stronger and flexible both on and off the mat. In the last 6 years, she was further inspired to deepen her practice and would like people around her to benefit from the beauty of yoga.


With the simple intention of #moreyogaformorepeople, Jasmine motivates people in getting connected to their inner self and explore their mental and physical capabilities through consistent yoga practice. She also looks forward to helping students cope with their daily lifestyle at work or at home through pranayama, meditation and asanas practice. Beginning with limited flexibility and stamina, Jasmine understands the helplessness and frustrations students have when they first started yoga. Hence,sheconstantlyremindswhatConfuciousoncesaid​“I​tdoesnotmatterhow slowly you go as long as you do not stop”.


Jasmine conducts yoga for all ages and all types of people. Together with 2 other like minded yoga teachers, she found and conducts Pay What You Wish Yoga Singapore for the community on a weekly sunday basis.


“Heath is wealth” Prerna has been hearing this since childhood from her father who practices yoga and meditation daily. Her childhood inclination towards yoga and inspiration from her father, transformed into her hobby of practicing yoga. She felt peace of mind and balance in life by practicing yoga.


After practicing yoga as hobby and experiencin the benefits of it, she decided to share the positivity with others. This led her to attain Certificate in 200 hrs Yoga Teachers Training Course. She believes in sharing good things and this was the main reason to get certified.


After attaining the 200YTTC she started training close friends and family members. She also started conducting training sessions for group and individual participants. She gets satisfaction and happiness in sharing the benefits of yoga with the students. She is very friendly, understands the students needs for yoga and customizes the training accordingly.


During her training journey, she came across many people who are suffering from backache pain. Which led her to complete a Backache management course in order to assist such people through yoga.To live up to her name “Prerna” which means Inspiration, she hopes to Inspire people to make yoga part of their lives.


Styles of Yoga: Basic, Hatha, Vinyasa & Backache Management Yoga.

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