I am not flexible to do Yoga

I am not flexible to do Yoga

Mar 22nd, 2015 | 0 Comments

“I am not flexible to do Yoga…” I hear this a lot from many friends or people around me. Do you?


I always wonder why people think that way. Is it because of the fancy bendy yoga poses that we have been exposed to on instagram, facebook and posters? Do those pictures intimidate you?


To be honest, when I started practicing, I never notice these social media pictures or perhaps it was not that popular then. I started with the intention to make myself feel and look better. I was one of those who were the most inflexible in class. In fact, I struggle to touch my toes and keeping my back straight when sitting on the floor.


I remember one yoga class that I attended in my early years of practice. I was intimidated by some experienced students who flew into handstand and tumble down into a full split. I thought I was in some acrobatic class! Those lessons did stop me from going to the classes for a short while. However, my back started aching. I knew that I needed to get back to class to fix my nagging problem. So I started trying out classes at various smaller studios where I can have more interaction with the teachers. I need to tell them that I need their attention!


Soon after, I managed to settle down for a more regular practice at a smaller studio and learnt much more from the teachers. This is how I started to have more understanding and patience towards my body.


Now I am not intimidated by others who can do better than me. We are all made differently as we have different body structures. We do not need to be flexible to do Yoga. In fact if you are too bendy, you may actually injure yourself with hyperextended joints! So if someone tells me that they are “Not flexible to do Yoga” next time. My reply will be “All the more you should do it to reap the benefits of Yoga!”


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