Cat Yoga 27 May 2017

Singapore Cat Yoga

Does doing yoga with the company of cats sound interesting to you? Doing Cat yoga in a room filled with friendly cats makes it more fun and relaxing than in the usual yoga studios. Hence the name Cat Yoga!


Cats are one of the more gifted athletes in the animal kingdom with the agility. They can leap and jump through great height and able to stretch your body in the most graceful manner without any strains. We humans may not have the cat’s agility and flexibility, but if we do yoga more often, we are will have a healthier body with less aches and pains.


A cat’s presence is relaxing and that makes the yoga session more enjoyable. Cat yoga is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. No yoga experience is required to join the class, as the yoga sequence is beginner friendly. The only pre-requisite is that you need to be a Cat Lover!


What to expect?

Lots of FUN! You will expect cats strolling along the aisle beside your mat, resting on your mat or hiding under your mat. Or they will be simply watching you in moving in and out of yoga poses in with their curious roving eyes.









Cat Café Neko no Niwa
54A Boat Quay (Level 2)
Singapore 0499843





Sunday, 27 May 2017
10am to 12pm (80mins of Cat Yoga time and 40mins of interaction time)


Cost: S$45 per pax



What to bring:


Yoga mat and comfortable yoga attire

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