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Although yoga classes have increasingly become popular in Singapore over the years, some people prefer private yoga sessions. Practicing yoga at home can be greatly beneficial because it is tailored specifically towards the student’s needs. It can be very challenging for an instructor to help every student in a class of 20 students. Your personal needs will be completely different from those of the person beside you. On the other hand, home yoga practice allows you to move at an optimized pace, hence creating a yoga practice that best supports your fitness needs. This is particularly helpful for students practicing with physical limitations or injuries.


Practicing yoga at home with a private instructor is a great choice and it will save you time. If you have a busy schedule and you have never been able to attend yoga class on time, a home yoga practice is perfect. With home yoga, there is no travelling time from your home to the yoga studio. All you have to do is to request for one of our reliable and competent yoga instructors to take you through the practice at home.



Aroma Yoga


Aroma Yoga Massage


Yin Yoga works on the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones and joints of the body. You will expect a longer holding time in a posture with the help of Yoga props like blocks and Bolsters. Massage will be applied during the postures and sometimes in transition of poses during rebound. In the session, you will experience a deeper awareness of your body and mind combined with intuitive touch.


Essential oils has been used thousands of years for many theraupetic effects. Some of the benefits include easing stress and anxiety, promotes rest and improve mental clarity.


In Aroma Yoga Massage, you will be guided into a Yin Yoga practice while the therapist provides hands on adjustment and massage with the usage of organic essential oil. The entire experience encompases essential oils, yoga and massage which brings you a whole new level of relaxation.


*Applicable to One to One Private class only



Private Yoga Class


Benefits of a Private Yoga Class At Home


Preferred Time, Day and Location: A private class in the comfort of your home gives you the freedom of arranging the lessons to cater for your personal schedule. In private yoga in Singapore, your private teachers will be available whenever your schedule allows; you can ask him/her to come to your home, office or outdoors. It is all up you to decide and to let the instructor know when and where you are ready for practice.


Tailored Needs: A private yoga lesson at home gives you a one-on-one attention with the instructor, which means that every session can be tailored to your personal needs. This way you can work on perfecting your overall practice, understanding specific asanas or achieving complete relaxation with a restorative lesson.


Additionally, you can use the private yoga lesson to develop your home practice or to get help on specific aspects of your practice that are hard. You may also want to develop your own meditation practice or explore the benefits of pranayama.


Individual Attention: Practicing yoga at home with a private instructor helps you to exercise without struggling to keep up with others at your own pace. The instructor’s attention will always be on you, hence improving your chances for a quick progression.


Having a yoga teacher come to your home will put you in the right state of mind and kick-start your journey towards successful yoga training and a healthier lifestyle.



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