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Sattva is one of the three gunas (virtues) in Hindu and Samkhya philosophy. The word means purity and goodness in Sanskrit. It is also a mental state where the mind is at peace. Sattva is the virtue of of the business and service and it is our mission touch lives of others through a holistic experience of wellness through yoga, massage and aromatherapy.


Sattva Wellness Yoga is a Singapore based Yoga company that conducts yoga events, retreats, workshops and classes. We have a wide range of classes that suits your needs and budget. Our types of classes consist of private, small group, corporate, aromayoga massage and outdoor yoga.


Hazel is the founder of Sattva Wellness Yoga. She is a trained yoga teacher and a certified massage therapist. She loves using essential oils during her yoga classes and massage sessions. The oils are good complimentary to massage and yoga since they have the function of stress reduction, better blood circulation and manages pain. Her students love the experience of using essential oils during yoga and massage session. Often people describe the experience as relaxing and calming it brings yoga session to a whole new level. Her team consists of yoga teachers who are certified and experienced in delivering quality yoga classes to students of varied fitness level and health conditions.



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银行员改当教练 开‘猫咪瑜伽’课






七年前开始练瑜伽时,霍韵夷(38岁)完全没料到有朝一日,她会成为专业的瑜伽教练,甚至成立自己的瑜伽工作坊——“White Cat Yoga”。





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